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    Blockchain Startup Sweetbridge Partners With Natural Partners to Deliver Nutritional Supplement Transparency

    Sweetbridge, a non-profit aiming to transform supply chain and logistics management with blockchain technology is teaming up with Natural Partners, a distributor and technology company that supplies healthcare providers with nutritional supplements for their patients. The partnership with Natural Partners adds to the number of companies that have joined the Sweetbridge Blockchain Alliance. According to
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    Nanex Will Contribute to the BitGrail Exchange Victims’ Legal Fund

    It seems the BitGrail-Nano story is far from over at this point. The Nano Foundation has made it clear they will match donations to the Bitgrail legal fund. It now seems Nanex is planning to do the same, albeit in a slightly different fashion. All of these developments are quite positive for victims of the
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    RAADYX Announces They Are Seeking Summer Interns for 2018

    Apr 14, 2018 at 14:24 // PR Raadyx, an interactive repository for the creation and maintenance of standardized cryptographically enabled digital contracts, is currently recruiting legal interns for the Summer 2018 session. Raadyx is seeking upper-year law students from all over the world to come work with us at Raadyx HQ in Panama. The interns
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CK9’s CertiK ICO Review

by cryptok9 in CK9 ICO Reviews & Editorial 0

CertiK – Formal Verification Platform Overview Named after its founder, John McAfee – McAfee Associates was founded in 1987. Introduced with the rising tide of technology and the internet becoming a necessity for day-to-day activities, the

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