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    ICO Regulations, Q3 Results, Binary Options Ban: Best of the Week

    Japan and France warn against ICOs The Financial Services Agency (FSA) of Japan warned against the risks of ICO investment, but stopped short of condemning it entirely. It said that due to lack of regulation, price volatility and potential for fraud, the public should be alert when considering investment. Register now to the London Summit
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    Coinbase Hits 12 Million Users, Adds 100k Members in Just 24 Hours

    Digital currency exchange Coinbase has added 100,000 users in just 24 hours, continuing a record spurt lasting since CME Group announced plans to launch bitcoin futures in the fourth quarter of this year. Register now to the London Summit 2017, Europe’s largest gathering of top-tier retail brokers and institutional FX investors According to a Bloomberg
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    UTRUST ICO Reaches Soft Cap on Day One, On Track To Reach Hard Cap

    Nov 08, 2017 at 14:00 // News UTRUST, the Switzerland-based company that looks to target the 2.5 billion unbanked people globally, has quickly reached its soft cap of $10 million for its ICO, leaving UTRUST on a solid foundation to work from. The demand continues in footsteps of its pre-ICO, which sold out in 90
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    CEO who presided over Mt. Gox’s collapse could end up with massive profits

    Enlarge / French national Mark Karpelès, former CEO of collapsed Bitcoin exchange Mt. Gox, attends a press conference after his first hearing in Tokyo on July 11, 2017. QUENTIN TYBERGHIEN/AFP/Getty Images Despite the fact that he oversaw the period when Mt. Gox went from the world’s largest Bitcoin exchange to a bankrupt and damaged company,
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    Overstock’s Share Price Shoots as tZero ICO Approaches Closer – CoinSpeaker

    After the smartphone revolution, one of the most revolutionary technologies with which almost every business today wants to get associated with one or the other way is the ‘Blockchain Technology’.  Blockchain technology clubs the merits of both – financial and technological worlds thereby coining out a new term known as ‘Fintech’. One of the major
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CK9’s CertiK ICO Review

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CertiK – Formal Verification Platform Overview Named after its founder, John McAfee – McAfee Associates was founded in 1987. Introduced with the rising tide of technology and the internet becoming a necessity for day-to-day activities, the

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